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The Cains - Knock Knock Lyrics

I'd wish you'd scream
Just say anything
Curse my name, slam the door
There's a stranger where you stood before
And he looks at me
Like I'm not there
I'm floating here in the atmosphere
And you don't care

Knock knock
Lights come on but nobody's home
I talk
But you've turned off some time ago
So we spin like a broken record and your unavailability
Is killing me
No vacancy
Everytime I knock knock

So roll away
That heart of stone
It's turned you cold
You're hard to hold
When you're up in your head
It's about to get
Like we never met
We walk around this ghost town
Just like the living dead

Can you hear me
Can you hear me now
Can you hear me
Beating on the door of your heart
The door of your heart

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