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Tech N9ne - Stink Lyrics

[Verse 1: Stevie Stone]
When I speak it be so heavenly, they will [?] when I tell the truth
Orchestrated with this melody, passion pours out lookin over all clout and [?]
What I been through, in the middle I scored yeah
There is doodoo in the middle of the road yeah
It goes way up, was just a matter of time before I came up
I sit and gather these lines I'm bout to wage up
All of these haters travel the world major, a lager
I been dope, a lemur, I'm battlin' makin' them non-say believers
Scribble and dabble to get up out of beneath
Smellin' me out and then give it to the people, I'm lethal
It's like my life so don't rant, spittin' the venom I know it don't stank
Can you smell that, Mr. Miyagi I make 'em run and tell that
Go inhale that

[Chorus: Kendall Morgan]
All my life
I wasn't good enough
Now my shit don't stink
Now my shit don't stink
Now my shit don't stink

[Verse 2: Krizz Kaliko]
And I used to get picked on, in the millennium gettin' licked on
So dope they wanna off em, 'till they left and never lost 'em
But they go awesome, radical and my tongue is acrobatic and magical
Two could do battle you but never Tech is sabbatical
Above average to the fanatical Strange addict
We do the same thing but we ain't the same at it
La la la la la la we've been gettin' dollars, you should follow
We got plenty guap and we stuff our pockets like a pinata
And really all my niggas that watchin' at the top
We poppin', if we flop than they got to watch it
Kali walk on water what ya 'posed to think
I'm a genius and my shit ain't supposed to stink


[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
But if I really gotta explain it, it ain't because I'm famous
The reason ya thinkin' that it's poopery in the anus
Cause I think I lived a lot of my life in freakin' anguish
I'm big and famous, pick a name and suck on this in danish
If I'm walkin' around like I'm the brown that's off in ya drainer's pipe
Better hope ya water main is tight
But if ya dump it on me I know the name of the game is white
I'm so Febreze, when I'm shitting on em. You think ya better? Oh please
Nose to me, and you get what come out of cocoa leaves
'posed to be, high and mighty toilet bowl to breathe
Socially those hidden without rose to be nosily
Put they schnauz on the old tussy, if my ode to be sneakin' but they notice me
Bein' better than ever fresher than a lotus leaf nigga


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