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Tech N9ne - Mind Of A Killer Lyrics

We've got thirty-five or more people out there now killing 20 and 30 people each

Like if I had a Thirty-Eight right now I could make you do just about anything I wanted to

Just about all my life people have been doing that to me

Yes, but if they kill without conscious how can they be treated?
How can we recognize them before it happens again?

I think we're all expecting these killers to be frothing-at-the-mouth-maniacs
The scary thing is that seemingly normal people commit these crimes
they can act like anyone your friend, a teacher, a guy next door

I just think we live in such a violent society

Seemed like a regular guy, you know normal kinda quiet, but uh pretty smart
H-he just didn't seem like the kinda of guy that would kill anyone you know?
I mean it doesn't make any sense

They don't think that you're worth anything, you're in their way
You know its like "She was screaming, so I killed her"

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