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Taylor D Ft Quite Frank - Picture Me Rollin Lyrics

[Quite Frank - Verse 1]
Ray-ban's on, sun's out, Stars out about, rare form
And I'm swinging through bLock, airborne
Wide turns Hogging lanes yeah Texas Born
But no swingers on the box
24's 4 shoes, yokohomo for the socks
Black storm leaving drops
The caprice so wet my girl almost got comp. LOL
But picture me rolling, the scenes so clean
Summertime hot and little folks on the streets
Domino's down on fox, and so is the green
Sound like it's all a go, to me
Cops watching cause I aint moving that deep
So they not looking to greet
And I aint bugs bunny so I'm not talking to Porkies
Cause they still wanna brother
I sit still undercover
Just picture me rolling license expired and warrants still hover
Over me, stacked like the body of Taylor D
But I'm rollin high, high roller profile, Picture me

[Quite Frank - Chorus]
Picture mE rolling
Riding down the block with my Glock straight cocked
Picture me rolling
Riding down the block with my live stock hot

[Taylor D - Verse 2]
We're Riding High
Slab Box Top Chevy
Like We Can't Be Touch
I'm By Your Side
Bonnie & Clyde
And That Nina Cause Of Lack Trust
Picture Us Rolling Up
In The Middle Of The Cut
Attitude Like We Don't Give A Fuck
Will Cross The Line Anytime
A Hater Wanna Try His Luck
Okay Now Gucci Bad Bitch
Is The Mental
Swanging Lane To Lane
In Every Hood
Check My Credentials
I'm So Official
Taylor D Is Who I Be
Swagger So Sick Need A Vaccine
No Need For Speed
Slab On Codeine
No In Between
Stay Smoking Green
Stay Counting Green
That's Just Routine
I'm On The Scene
And If I Ain't that's Just Obscene
Know What I Mean
So Picture Me Holding You Down
And Never Stopping For Nothing
Grip On The Wood
Respect The Hustle
And Shine On These Niggas Stunting
Candy Paint Switching Colors
Got Them Boys Looking Nervous
And it's For Certain That I Can Say Yeah We Do It On Purpose
Tinted Windows Rolled Down
Watch The Smoke Reach The Surface
24's Stay Gliding So Perfect
Man Picture Me Rolling


[Quite Frank - Verse 3]
So I took the top off
Slow drive top sit in the back seat
Girls live with a slow bob
Hacking at the wood like she cut trees
With her bestfriend got the window seat rolling
Leafs each joint holding a G
I don't know if I'm getting both chicas
But I'm knocking a hole in one like Tigers Woods believe me
Training these
Daniel son one Karat-te kick at a time Mr. Meyagi
Sking down the block, sliding on ice rings
Fishes flockin to where I dockin
Like fishing politicians were debating
Now the debating, say-ing, cleaner then Mr. Clean
Pristine is my machine
As if built from your vivid dream
With a chick holding my shift that could
Make your main cream
While a separate chick flicking
The tip of tongue
Like she licking a stick of ice cream
Picture me on the street
Showing off one
While the other getting shown it's a show and
In the end I'm tired and happy
Picture Me


Taylor D Ft Quite Frank lyrics