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Tanya Morgan - Pick It Up Lyrics

Put it down now; pick it up {*6X*}

[Von Pea]
Ol' girl Scorpio
Me too, we often bone
She has, no ring like Karl Malone
But eff dat, babe I call you home
I'm so BK, my deejay
Got a gun under the instant replay
Put your damn hands up when he say
"Put your damn hands up when he say"
Ohhhh wow, look who's talking
Not I then not important
Baby girl with insane proportions
Wanna make orphans or abort them
I don't hate often but I'ma take caution
When she hit the loo baby I'mma take off and
back to the borough, Bed-Stuy native
I helped tear it down then they remade it


Rock to the rhythm, forth and back and
Any time I sit down chicks try and lap dance
Trefoil track pants, spent my advance
Shit to show for it though man
God damn~! It's all good tho
Snatch a stack from a tweet just promotin a show
Snatch the snack from a freak, she's promotin the hole
Stackin raps on the beat, I'm a pro with the flow
Make 'em clap, Eric B., "I Know You Got Soul"
Hold up, yo - wait a minute
You still rockin with the rhythm? Word, good looks fam
Almighty Tanya Mo', DonDub recording
Live coverage of the game bein smothered
Y'all covet, I don't think much of it
You gotta love it from budgets that wasn't budgin
to bucks in a bundle stuntin - I'm the man

[Chorus] - shortened

Tanya Morgan lyrics