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Tammy Crosby - Bruised Lyrics

Loose cannon , lost soul you always brused
Me and i never told
Taken me and covered me with your fire
I never knew what wouldve traspired
Couldnt you just be true and and lot less
Consumed in you
Blindedsided my every thought kept me
In the dark and all your lies i bought

You leave your marks on my skin and broke me within
Another lie, another word that i dont deserve
A promise to fix your condition and get
When is it gonna receed all your lies, and the pain
You leave

No one ever saw you sweep your hand accross my face
I never said a word , or challenged your fist
But here's where it ends, im outta this place
Youll never touch me again, im risen above this
Your time is up, game over baby
Scores down by 10, your gonna wish you won
Cause baby, im gone

These bruises some you see some inside of me
Im not gonna bruise that easily anymore

Repeat chorus

Tammy Crosby lyrics