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Tami Chynn - Tell Me Seh Lyrics

So dis one goin out to all a my ladies ahh
You know dem boy who ah love chatty chatty play play you around

[verse 1]
Why yuh wan fi play so like a likkle bwoy
After yuh come chat say yuh ah make me wife
Chatty Chatty Chatty but a nuttin bare lie
Would a really love fi know how you ah try
Every day ah ring ring ring off me phone
Ah beg me seh please come over I'm alone
Yuh tell me seh yuh house is no longer a home
But you want some loving and you well wan fi ...

[chorus 2x]
tell me seh yuh want me but yuh never want to
tell me seh yuh need me but yuh never come tru
now yuh nights dem lonely and dem oh so blue
seem like the joke yuh played is on you

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhh(2x)

seem like the joke yuh played is on you(1x)

[verse 2]
I meant what i said when i said bye bye
No matter how yuh beg no matter how yuh cry
Gwaan back ah yuh yard an gwaan dry yuh eye
Caa me nah go take yuh back no matter how you try
now you wan fi knock knock knock off me door
But yuh cant sleep an yuh heart feel sore
But yuh cant eat and yuh cant take no more
Well you have fi starve you nah come back fi sure


[verse 3]
Never really wanted anything apart from you
i only wanted you to love me the way i do
if thats too much for you it seems your dirty attitude
will leave you all alone and only singin the blues
bet you never thought that i could leave so easily
now i got you heart broken and beggin on your knees
tellin me about you life and how its incomplete
Cant even go to sleep cause all you thinking bout is me me me meeee
tami me me mee


Many thanks to tasha for these LyricZZ

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