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Talib Kweli - Come Here Lyrics

[Chorus: Miguel]
I don't wanna waste your time, baby
I just wanna make you, come to me
Comfortable baby, so come here darling
Come, for me, baby, yeah
I don't wanna waste a second, longer
I just wanna make you, come dance with me
Come talk to me, come here darling
Come here for me, baby

[Talib over Chorus]
Ladies and gentlemen
What we have here is somethin new, somethin fresh
Yes, yes

[Talib Kweli]
Why you so far away? You need to feel this
I got somethin to tell you, come here real quick
I done dirt in the past, I know that love hurts
I'll come for you but my lady gotta come first
I can tell by your hesitation there's trust issues
You get excited, ignited, highly combustible
You on a higher vibration, that's why I fuck wit'chu
Let me provide, you'll be comfortable as a Huxtable
Your whole style is colder than Minnesota
I love your profile the way you look over shoulders
(Where you goin?) At the crib I'm hopin you come over
We could do it like Common and Mary and +Come Closer+
We could do it like Barack and Michelle, give me a fist bump
Black magical or act radical with the fist up
Do it 'til we +Rockin the Bells+, you like hip-hop
Promise you I'm not gonna tell, we keep our lips locked (shhhh)


[Talib over Chorus]
No, no...
Where you goin?
Yeah, c'mere, uh

[Talib Kweli]
Like a Spike Lee movie I'm movin across the floor
Feel the love in the music, I'm usin it like a lure
I love how you do it, your beauty and your allure
Make you cum/come like the ocean approachin you like shore
She +Rock-a-fella Center+ like Diego in the lobby
As valuable as "The Scream" or a Salvador Dali
She popular with the thieves and wannabe Thomas Crowns
who try to steal her attention as soon as I'm not around (word)
His last bird probably flew the coup
Blastin Outkast last words ("Hootie-hooooo!")
I don't know how to describe you, you so beautiful
Je ne sais quoi (how you say) how you say, voulez vous?
Pardon my French like a tongue kisser, I'll make her come hither
'til she dancin with wolves, see how they run with her
I'm dumb twisted off rum liquor
But fix my composition then give her a proposition to consider
... C'mere


[Talib] + (Miguel)
Hey you (hey you) hey you
(Yeah I'm talkin to you, hey you)
Hey (hey you) hey youuuuu
(Hey you know I'm talkin to you)
Hey, hey, hey (simmer down for me)
Simmer down, simmer down, simmer down (simmer down for me)
Simmer down, simmer down, simmer down (simmer down for me)
Simmer down, simmer down, simmer down (down for me, yeah)

[Talib Kweli]
Black Madonna, you sow the seeds like a farmer
While our men are just, servin long sentences, no comma
Write poetry in your honor, your body is like a sonnet
I promise you gettin closer to the sun, you're gettin hotter
You the Earth, that's emphatically yes
But I still call you a bad bitch, under my breath, out of respect
Naturally blessed, Lady Chatterly fresh with tatted flesh
I ain't gotta ask, know by your stare, that's a yes


[Talib over Chorus]
No, no, uh
Uh, yes, yes
One more again, yeah
Not, one, second
Listen, you hearin?
Right here
Hahaha, yeah

Talib Kweli lyrics

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