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Talib Kweli - Rocket Ships Lyrics

[Intro: RZA]
Talib Kweli
Yo, son, fuck these MC's up real quick
Show 'em what time it is, bong~!

[Talib Kweli]
Yeah, this shit is drugs
This shit is drugs
RZA razor, RZA razor sharp

Hey, movin at the speed of a solution
Bleedin in the street as we breathe in the pollution
They're sayin that we need a revolution
but the passion is reduced to all caps in a computer
Hey, every sixteen I make a sick scene
Blood splattered all on your shirt like a Miskeen
Y'all niggaz trippin like mescaline/mes-c-lun, mixed greens
My flow cleaner than the Sistine, pristine!
Yea, he goin green like Al Gore with him
I make algorithms, that got Malcolm in 'em
God's favorite, I'm sick as a doctor's patients
We live in a +Cole World+, my job is to +Roc Nations+
My occupation elation, the celebration of rebels
Raise the levels of the decibels to flagrant (turn it UP)
It's so amazin how we be blazin son, our flowers is the loudest
They crowd around us to cower in the shadows of the towers BOY!

[Chorus: Talib Kweli]
Take a tour where they bake the raw
Where the beast so savage that his knuckles gon' scrape the floor
I make the call, all the rocket ships takin off
John Woo gun music playin when we facin off

[Busta Rhymes]
Yo, I plastered the nation, cause an evacuation
My manifestation got 'em patient from how I keeps it amazin
See I'm the reason niggaz need some trainin
while I'm inflictin the pain and makin it suitable for any occasion
I'm very engagin soon as I'm awakened
Quickly back you up and bag your bitch, she remindin me of Sanaa Lathan
Rely on the hatin while I'm smilin and waitin
That's when I embrace 'em if he try to front you'll be highly mistaken
The mightest makin up a classic, alrighty now face it
My psyche is ancient and I'm irie so try me I'm patient
Sorry I'm lyin, face it, I'm back for the takin
I'm urgently givin niggaz the courtesy of smashin they face in
"Damn~! Can you cut his mic off?!" See how we got 'em buggin
Cause they can't believe what we have in the makin (woo!)
Shit's so historic how we goin for it while I bang the nation
And we do niggaz greasier than a slab of bacon

[Break: Busta] + (woman)
{*woman humming while bacon sizzles*}
Bitch, you still cookin that pork in this house?!
(Damn, what the fuck?)
Stop cookin that pork in this damn house!
(It's just bacon, okay)
The hell goin on in here?
(Okay, stop!)


[Talib Kweli]
These rap niggaz is bitches, nothin but suckas to me
Sacrifice myself for the music and let 'em suffer through me
Your weak product is nothin to me
I only feel +FX+ when I fuck with Louie
Yup I get +Buck+ in the studio like I'm Evil Dee
Pullin strings like "The Muppet Movie"
Shinin my light like Mos callin his mother Umi
Who the hottest regardless of who flamin
You ain't talkin 'bout the best until you mention my name, yup (Kweli)
Who you kiddin? The truest spittin
I'll break you like a mirror so it's clearer that we don't believe in superstition
These new editions need supervision
Thinkin that they can spit it in the booth like me? What are you stupid? Listen
I been official, it's beneficial, I'm too consistent
I make it plain cause I'm too efficient for euphemisms
Stayin in the cut like a new incision
I'll put you on your ass like True Religion so give it up for the true and livin


Talib Kweli lyrics

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