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Tales Of Darknord - The Last Lyrics

I have to myself your play
With the atomic decay.
You will shut me into underground
Keeping up appearance for my brain.
You are making a mistake. Common!
Masses of people for death.
Fucking war! I'm the last in world.
Brutal laws took my hands.
And if my hatred will be last
Angry talking, sadness in the lier
For destroy then I'm ready go past
To the shadows waiting for the sun.
I am the last!
In the darkness downtrodden door isn't hearing my voice.
Grand spirites rise! Follow me!
Dead infection in my world.
Your rituals died in me.
I opened door and stoped the war.
Where is my mind? Where is your?
So far? Oh! I'm crazy! I am disengaged! I'm the last!

Tales Of Darknord lyrics