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T Cc - Old Die Young Lyrics

Just about a week ago
I set out on the roof
Seekin' my frisbee and football
And lookin for a Can of Coke
And things got wearied and things got zarr
I guess you know the truth
Oh Lord, slip'n the Old Die Young

Rode in on the school bus
I'll be walkin' the 'tuique treadmill
I was just passin' out
Must be a cardiac event
Ran out- a water and energy
Looks like they took my fan
Oh Lord, I'm slip'n the old Die Young,

The man from the clouds said I
Was 'bout to Die
Somehow I lost conciseness
Ran out of air to breathe
I came into a tunnel saw a light
Looks like it's an epic Fail
Oh Lord, slip 'n the Old Die Young,

If I only had a nickel
For every breath I breathed
Every time I'd had to listen
While people talked away
You know, I'd catch the next plane
Back to where I was before I Died
Oh Lord, Slipping The Old Die Young
Oh Lord, Slipping.'the old Die Young

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