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Symphorce - Truth To Promises Lyrics

Alone in a secret garden of stones
Alone with the fear, all answers are gone
Afraid of the sunlight, it shines on the truth
Beware of the future, you're talking to
Mysterious magic, in seas of lies
Corruption buildings, the painted skies
your feeling flies like a soul away
You're watching on a new life
your fate remains the same
I'm taking you everywhere you want
It's more than you're love's believin
In temples of gold you'll understand
The future is lost by your feelings
I'm taking the world in my hands
Forever the walls are tumbling
It's more than you ever and always missed
This is the truth to promises
In every hour, and so many times
Forever controlled by the system of light
In every minute, and every day
Mystic impressions drive you insane
Don't be afraid, when you're lost in the shade
these laughing eyes
against the wall
the painted skies.

Symphorce lyrics