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Swissy - How It All Started Lyrics

It was a cold and rainy night
I remember it was after midnight
We were surrounded by the sound of the city
And the buzzing of the lights

'Oh what was it about you then
That was different
An infinitive moment
That's changin' both our minds

And it's how this all started
Oh baby I just want you to know
It's hard to say maybe but maybe
This time we won't let it go

You leaned over and kissed me
And the ups and worlds of you and I collide
There we stood quiet plea, silent plea side by side

'Oh beneath all of the craziness and the laughter
We were wondrin' if tomorrow
If we could make this real

(Repeat Chorus)

I can't believe it's only yesterday
That I was me and you were only you
I'm not gonna say it's us now
I don't wanna become a cliche

And I know it's me who'll be a little shy
But I want to keep it all the same
'Coz of the way it all started

And maybe if we could give this one more try
Maybe this time it will work out right.

Many thanks to karen for these LyricZZ

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