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Swateezy - Interrupt My Music Lyrics

[Swateezy - Verse 1]
What you got?
I got 2 Gs rolled up, 2 cups slowed up
2 bitches, 1 on hold the other giving her throat up
Sho nuff, nuff said, hold up ya bluff read
Not willing to work a 9 - 5 like Rondo to Garnett
But i get green like a Celtic, over used punchline
But i dont even sweat it when its coming down to crunchtime
Sublime, subliminal criminal
Sometimes, i belittle the ridicule
Some lines, i be feelin like killin you
Rappers, I'm sick of you feeling yourself
More then anything else, help im feelin like Michael Phelps
Champion bitch im on my champion shit
Just tryna use my lines and grind to the championship
And i can go inside my mind to find what to trample them with
But really to me this isn't foreign
Used to people sleepin on me like they snorin
So yall will hate to see success
But when i get there il be worried bout whats next, hah yeahhhh

[Quite Frank - Chorus]
Don't you interrupt my music
Cause my music is my life
And if you take away the music
I can interrupt your life

[Quite Frank - Verse 2]
So you know my music is more important
Then whatever you are reporting
But at this moment I don't mind playing along
But as soon as your vocal cording stop
Exporting the words of extortion
I'm pluggin in to play out my favorite song
Now to you this is a warning
If your mouth start interrupting
I might start out corrupting the children
That's listening on
Cause I don't care about you getting bored
And it's going to be your misfortune
That I have drag you along
Literally drag you along
Hostility pass it along
Aggressively more then angry
Like birds from a sling to a canon
Sing to release my oman
Trying to release my worries
But you screamin like Lil wayne on no worries
And tension building my vision is getting blurry
My room is spinning
The Green is spreading
My shirt is ripping
Hulk smash bash avenging
Breaker I told you that you wouldn't like me mad
Fucking wit my music


[Quite Frank - Outro]
Don't turn down my music
Don't turn down my music
No no no no
[Repeat 3x]

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