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Superior - Tainted Silence Lyrics

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Same truth, same belief
One youth that chases many dreams,
Of peace and of eternity.
Then the world starts to rage
And life wants to rule -
Their love away and a void
Comes to spread all despair.

Then, when cries steal their dreams
And lies drink their tears
Then doubt rapes their faith

Ice is their way
When tainted silence surrounds their mind.
Life does not pay
For broken faith that's been raped by fear.

No truth, no belief
What have we done to our birds
Of hope and of eternity.
In a world full of rage
Where lie means success
Where hope must die.
And hate comes to blind their bright eyes.

"Close your eyes and dream with me
Far away from now;
(Now) can't you feel the pain inside
Your cage of sadness and rain "

"A one way train Turn into the past
The only choice - to escape - from now,
From tears - into the land of silence"
Again, again...

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