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Sunz Of Man - Gallery Lyrics

[Chorus 2X: Hell Razah, (Singer)]
One Step, One Flesh, One Breath
One Step, One Flesh, One Breath, in the gallery
One Step, One Flesh, One Breath
One Step, One Flesh, One Breath, in the gallery
(Your arms too short to box with God..)

[Killah Priest]
Early natives related to the thrones of David
Captured by some patriots, and thrown on slave ships
They stripped us naked, while they wives picked they favourites
Lives were wasted, in the hands of the hated
Driven from the garden, now we starvin in the martyrin Sodom
They call it Harlem, wordly problems got us at the bottom
The Earth crisis, half the righteous grab their ice picks
Seekin psychics for advices, I stay in ciphers
Our live is, connected to second son of Isaacs
Which had a tight grip, on the heels of his brother
Revealed to his mother, the elder should serve the younger
Words heard in thunder, held from under
Rose and fled to grow in hunger, now it's cold in summers
To soldiers' slumbers, behold a number
600, 6 and 3 score, the same as he saw, who ate his heat raw
In the time before, they climbed aboard a dinosaur
Information held behind the doors
We came from the atmosphere, the physical trapped us here
Then they fed us crack and beer, in the back of the stairs
Please adapt your ears, add or subtract the years
And form the unwise, and watch the sunrise, from sunset..

[Chorus 3X]

[Killah Priest]
Devils marvel, they caught us playin with the gold marbles
We wrote novels, now we live life in the bottle
Before the devil sold me, to the unholy
Because my father told me, I lived life amongst the lowly...
The president just ordered the navy to hit the borders of Haiti
Slaughtered babies from the waters of Euphrates
Maybe they send germs that polluted our sperm
And made us live with circumcize in the serpent eyes
And told us certain lies, and each day a servant dies
But in the halls of Farrow the walls are narrow
And religion is like a prison for the seekers of wisdom
Now Freedom..

[Chorus 3X in background]

[Popa Wu]
I remember.. I remember back in the days
I always wanted to be a Sun of Man
I was a Killa without an Army
Hehehehehe.. yo check it out
But I was always Royal because I had that Family
And I turned it into a Clan
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oh!

[Chorus 2X]

[Popa Wu]
You've got to get real, with time
And that's the only way time gon' get real with you

[Chorus 4X]

Sunz Of Man lyrics