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Strung Out - Wrong Side of the Tracks Lyrics

No miracles gonna save you now,
no profound word's gonna show
you how No revelation's gonna change the way
you live
no wise man's gonna come
and take your hand
No awakening lies in store for you,
no effort you submit will deliver you.
No picture worth a million words,
no Salvation worth a million lives
Will ever open your eyes so that
you could really see
You've come this far doin what
you do so why change now,
your doin fine
I'll candy coat another rhyme for
You're on a speedball
and it's goin' straight to hell,
and I don't wanna get in your
You're on a rocket and it's goin'
straight down,
you've lit the fuse set
the fire now there's no one
left to save you.
Someone pulled the chair right
under you, now you're swingin' by the
Neck and still you continue to smile
Step right up and get your fix
climb back to your crucifix
we're burnin' the world down tonight.
No new improved better lookin' god,
no antiestablishmentariant?
Punk rock song will save the world
We're on a speedball goin' to hell,
a one-way trip to Candyland and you
Ain't got no reason to fight.
You don't have the answers,
you don't have the solutions
Somehow it always ends up
working out.

Strung Out lyrics