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Stik Figa & L'orange - Stone Like Me Lyrics


From where I stand on the cold concrete
Feel it in my bones and the soles of my feet
What's that
Strength from my folks underneath
With all that's going on though, I hope you got peace

Verse 1 (Stik Figa)

And the hardest part of life became the easiest
The older that I get, reconciling all the sequences
Archive the memories, recall, retrieving it
Recipe for disaster substitute ingredients
It's hot in the kitchen can't sweat no conveniences
Let it all fall in the batter loves tedious
Labor of it all please have a piece of it
Confection and critique of it
And see how bittersweet it is
Committed this egregious sin, which I plead the fifth
In the court of your opinion do I need defense
Being judged by my peers do I need repent
Drowning in my own conscious though, its sink or swim
And the devil's hella busy trying to cripple my faith
Placing seeds of doubt in a difficult space
But what's new These here are critical days
They did the same thing to Christ offered to triple his wage
Won't answer any riddles or give any praise
Conflicts of interest are you willing to change
I say


Second Verse - Has-Lo
Giving on the fountain that retains my youth
my illusion is a jewel, I entertain the muse
Sitting on the pedestal, nothing ever moves
never do a dap, it's the apathy do
Know that I embrace what I can't control
'til I'm out of my death, til I finally rest
Til the angel in the road lift me out of my flesh
and my soul turns to energy, a sinner's relief
All the buzz words and fluff terms apart
To ever be a star, you must learn to chart
The smart take heed, the wise
When you're always right you begin to miss being surprised
Every day my eyes open up, shades are drawn
I awake any side that I face are wrong
But still, I pull up, chin up the bar
A man like you call a million a mar
So I say


Stik Figa & L'orange lyrics