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Steve Green - Open Our Eyes Lyrics

This life is only an echo
Of the deeper life to come
This ache is born of Your Spirit in our hearts
Calling us homeward
Till our passing days are done
And You bid us rise and

Come, now the wait is over
Eternitys begun
Wake, now the dream is ended
Youre finally free to run
(Dance in the morning sun)

Open our eyes
Open our eyes

Wonder is only a window
Beauty is an open door
Longing, leading us onward through the night
To what were made for
When these shadow lands are done
We will hear You crying

Open our eyes
Open our eyes

All thats eternal Youve set in our hearts
Our joyful desire burns like the morning star

Open our eyes (to the joy thats to come)
Open our eyes (to the home that we seek)
Open our eyes (to the promise of heaven)
Open our eyes (to eternitys dream)

Were longing to see (open our eyes)
To live in Your light (open our eyes)
To always be near (open our eyes)
Open our eyes

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