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Stephanie Mcintosh - A Change Is Coming Lyrics

I am tired of tears and lies
And I think its time to let go of the past
I am scared a little but that's ok
I can smile
Now I can laugh

For with every touch of your gentle hand
I forget all the pain best I can

A change is coming
I feel so free at last tonight
I start to see a future bright
I dare to dream
I catch my breath
Reborn I'm ready for what's next
And if they ask me why it's so
To every single question
The answer is you

I'm inspired by your ideas
And your strength empowers me
More than you know
I was lost but somehow you found me out
I'm alive
I'm ready to go
And with every kiss I lose track of time
Guess I'm leaving my old life behind


And I'm elated by the world of possibilities I see
You make me wanna be the best
That I could ever hope to be

I feel it coming

Yeah I can I feel it


Stephanie Mcintosh lyrics

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