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Starlito - King Griffey Jr Lyrics

Ken Griffey

Where at? right here?
My daddy used to ball
My daddy used to ball

I see the devil in her eyes
She wear a hell of a disguise
I should have never been surprised
(but it breaks my heart)
Feel like I never been this high
And I meant that shit this time
Told shawty I love her
And I meant that shit this time
I text her "just me and you"
She text me back "quit lyin'"
I'm just tryin'
You know the blind leadin' the blind
My mind in a bind
And my heart in a twist
If I do commit
Then what's gon' be the benefit?

Well too late
She's already lost her innocence
Dinner dates
"it ain't trickin' if you got it"
You 'ont get it
In a sense
You're gettin' tricked
Thinkin' that's your woman
Ain't that a bitch?

I just call it like I see it
Like a unk
Punk is got them plump lumps
I'm at they neck
Like a fuckin' razor bump
Pepe le pew, U.A.B
In other words I'm blazin' skunk
I just got off stage
You might not make that all month.
But I take none of it for granted
Even though I understand it
They only care about a nigga
When I drop that new shit
And they start comparing me to jigga
Or 2Pac, when he was fresh out
Chest out, Got a FN on the console
And a Tec out
"BOW" made my own bond on my last 4 charges
I'm just hopin' them my last 4 charges
I do this shit for Boosie
Back to back 4 charges
Cuz just got that "Maro" out the shop...
That mutha fucka pissed!
I be having to drop my camera man back off
I be on some other shit
Shout out my homies in the bay
Og train wreck and that bubbly
I'm just tryin' to make the difference
Though I only does addition
I'm talking comprehension
I really get it. Get it?
I'm talking compensation
Yea that right, money talks
I'm making conversation
I hustle everyday
Might not ever take a long vacation

I decided to give him a call
It's like they only love a nigga
When Don Trip was involved
(Stepbrothers... its on the way, its on the way though)

[Don Trip]
Yeah, yeah, the man's in here
I'm so mutha fuckin' fly I need landing gear
I'm not really from this planet
I'm just stranded here
In some pretty bitch mouth like some damn veneers
I know my flow's so stupid
I'm on point like a toothpick
And you softer than goose shit
Really the truth is
Most these rappers is groupies
A match in the sunlight...
You niggas is useless

Dammit this is uncharted land
That I'm standin' on
In a pool of sharks
And I'm bout to do a cannon ball
They say never try to kill
Mosquitoes with a cannon ball
So I just watch you niggas die slow
As if I planned it all
I dare you to fuck with me
Who gon' do what to me?
Murder for hire...
It ain't shit but a buck to me
Yea right lucky
"Mr. fighting for custody"
Addicted to fast money
Fresh out of recovery

My slice of humble pie
Should be coming any day now
I took a whole week off
To build my kids a playground
Monkey bars, jungle gyms
Slides and a swing-set
Still found time
To cop shit that ain't released yet
Bitch I'm a machine
Although, I come with plenty defects
Peep that
I got too much game to press reset

Ridin' wit a bad bitch
Whinin' bout respect
Search this bitch seat...
I hope this mutha fucka eject
Hand that bitch a parachute
Land on yo man wit yo needy ass
Shoulda zipped her lips
Like a freezer bag
Shout out my brother LITO
Cuz even when we leave the lab
You gotta know I got that nigga back
Like a heatin' pad

Honestly, I prolly wouldn't rap
If I ain't need the cash
I'm strapped and you know everything I pack
Take extended mags
Pretty bitch I got
Love to shop
Plus she need a tan
I got her chewing wood
Like she tryin' to build a beaver dam

NOTCH! ch ch ch
Bitch ch ch ch

Starlito lyrics