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Spirit Of The Patriot - N.w.o. Lyrics

Below you can find the popular N.w.o. lyrics performed by Spirit Of The Patriot. We have tried to make the N.w.o. song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

People in this world are fucking blind
The media has control of their minds
Filled with fear and discontent
This bullshit I do resent
We must wake up and read between the lines

They are not enemies they are all the same
They are all in on this fucking game
Fuck the U.N., fuck NATO and fuck the evil N.W.O.
Pointless wars, thousands dead, government is fucking with our heads
No more fuck em all this empire we must make fall
Slay the beast watch it die to ensure our flag of freedom flies

Wake up every morning to hazy shit
Chem Trails sprayed it makes me fucking sick
Aluminum, Barium wheres this fucking shit come from
We must stop this scum before its too late

It's all part of their master plan
To kill us off and take our land
No, no globalization
We want freedom for each individual nation
Fuck your one world society
This shit don't sit well with me
Go to hell fucking die
Youll assimilate our nation when pigs fly
Well always fight you fucking scum
And as long as were here
Your war is not won

Down with N.W.O.
These one world bastards got to go
U.N., NATO and E.U.
That's part of their swindle too
Don't conform, always fight
Listen to your heart do whats right
Don't do what the masses say
Fight for liberty fight today

Spirit Of The Patriot lyrics