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Speirosmusic - You're The One For Me Lyrics

Carpark fees and traffic jams are never stopping
Dirty looks from passersby I'm always copping
Over-priced cheap merchandise whenever shoppin
Politicians dirty lies with no one stopping
Yet my day is really sweet
I still smile at folks I meet
Because you make my life complete

You're the one for me
You're the one for me
You're the one for me

I work all day and yet the bills they keep on growing
It's only bad news on the TV that they're showing
The river's dry and yet the beer is overflowing
It doesn't matter what you do, it's who you're knowing
Still there's joyfulness at heart
I think of you when we're apart
A masterpiece, a work of art


I wait all day just to put my arms around ya
I've got no skills that I feel they could astound ya
I text and call so much I feel that I must hound ya
I don't really know if I could do that much with out ya

I go to work, the time of day I'm always dissing
Whenever it's that I'm away it's you I'm missing
To come to you and there to stay is what I'm wishing
A gentle hug, a smile, hooray, and next we're kissing.
But still I have to wait 'til five
The siren goes, then home I drive.
I visit you, I feel alive.


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