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Soulja Boy - Sod Freestyle Lyrics

S.O.D. money gang check my tat your fresher than me ripleys wouldn't believe that. As I continue this rap your gettin kinda nervous.I'm in my bed gettin Bill Clinton service. I am Soulja Boy but I did not join the army. I walk inside the mall and all the girls jus swarm me.Have a lot of haters but they cannot harm me. I did something wrong why didn't u warn me. I'm a fly guy flyer than the next man. I am a senior but I have to stay fresh man. At the square garden yeah I made the whole show stop. Allergic to u suckas I never ate a blow pop. Whoever u are you will like this son. Your favorite rapper probably gonna bite this song. Their thinkin in their head did I write this song. They wanna get on so they make diss songs. Your car is fast my car is faster. You have a flat screen I have a plasma. You have a lot of questions but u don't have the answers. my lyrics sick I have rap cancer. He's on his last breathe it's time to take the tube off. Red dot on his nose we nick name him rudolph. You r a pussy you should try seafood. My whole team b eatin all u can do is see food. Soulja Boy when does your next album drop. I made it rain in the club and I didn't leave a drop. But when it does drop everybody would feel it but your c.d. couldn't drop if I threw it off a buildin. I am bossy get a load of that. Yes I am boss CEO to b exact. You thought u had me for a second aiming rods. Every single car u want it is inside my garage. Damn Soulja Boy you hit em' with a low blow they paid me 50 g's but damn I was a no show. I need my moneyto stack. It's S.O.D. money gang look at the tat Got Damn super fresh seen with the Soulja shades. Soulja Boy tell em' u got the rover range. So much money take the money and blaze it. Take this money and I'm goin insane. Ripped up the track and I ripped the beat got the # 4 j's all on my feet. Soulja Boy tell em' with the birdman seats Got Damn Soulja Boy you merked that beat.

Soulja Boy lyrics