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Soulja Boy - Anime Lyrics

Anime swag, I'm flying like Goku
Anime swag when I pull up in that old school
Anime, drop pants; anime, wrist and chains; anime
and everything; anime
Gucci skin; anime, my backpack; anime
That h-pop with glock cut that's anime
Oh my god anyway, I'm ballin' up that avenue
Anime swag, and I'm throwing money at the roof
Anime everything, anime Beiber chain
Harombom platinum dongs with the aramow
All that every day, anyway, I'm anime
May I ask what you niggas pay
Smokin' up a pound a day
Everything, everyday, everything; anime
Lookin' at a nigga fleshed up like anime
Lookin' like death note, chop it till your down throat
S.O.D. money get gang like lipo
All light white coat, anime dad dog
Yeah I'm anime, swagged up like: yeah dog
Saw four dogs in the rows when I rode through
Rolls roice black, and I'm looking like Goku

Anime, everything; anime
Digital watch, digital clock, digital splice, addoday
I'm hiding in the kitchen, cooking up that anime
Anyway, eat the cake, like your name Anime
Anyway [tiny burp] anime, I rich chain anime
I fuck that bitch; anyday. Quick 30 seconds day
Heada hitta quick lick daddy for a long time
S.O.D. get that money game yeah we on boy
Anime everyday, anime arrombow
Animae cellophone. Gotta Matt Harrombow
Make a call, drop it all, S.O.D. get it in
Anime drop tops, I'm lookin like Vegeta man
Arookin like Gohan, lookin like Piccolo
Lookin like: anime, lookin like Deaf Note
Lookin Case Closed, man I'm poppin bottles
Anime drop top, I look like Inuyasha

Yo, back on the track, it's the anime master
Holes on my dick, Cowboy Bebop when I'm blastin
Soulja boy tell'em that my swag everlasting
Pikachu diamonds, anime floskas
Man I'm gettin money and I'm out there ballin
G-flight jet, trump shoot like I'm ballin
Marvel vs. Capcom, Soulja vs. the world
I'm fuckin all your baby mama, anime in hurr
It's so hot in this motherfucking club
I anime it up, can't nobody fuck with us
S.O.D. boys man I lookin like I am the guy
I dont give a fuck, a million dollars, I'm a samurai
Soulja Boy, anime. Anime anime anime
Uh you can do this one

Soulja Boy lyrics