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Sonny Court - Wait Lyrics

I gotta hit the road
But whos gon be here when Ill come back
Misses come and go
But whos gon talk to me when Im off track

Im not sure where Ill go
But time ought-a show
That my love for you is real

Its all I know
But I gotta go
And leaving is a big deal

Got money on my mind
And my mind on my money
Dont you understand
I could give a damn about
What you think about me

They talk, talk, talk
Act so and so
Cant walk that walk
If they dont know

I Smile
But I cry inside
Feels like angels falling from the sky
Gotta grin and bear it
Learn to deal with it
Cause time will pass anyway
And time erases the pain
So I just gotta WAIT
Yeah just gotta WAIT

Repeat Pre-Chorus...
Repeat Chorus

Sonny Court lyrics