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Sonny Court - Supa Mario Lyrics

Frontin and stuntin
Getting his money
Want me come get me
Is how he gets bread hes always 2 steps ahead

I smash stars like Supa Mario
And switch up cars like Supa Mario
And get tha doe like Supa Mario
Smack that a** on Peach like I'm Supa Mario

Rap by Ben J:
Yea girl, goin & work out on that cardio,
Then we'll play smash bros. U peach I'm super Mario,
Betta be ready if u didn't get the scenario,
This right here is grudge match last night I wasn't ready tho
Deez my grounds, switch up whips I'm grown now
Team no sleep no night gowns, but let's foreplay wit the lights down,
Turn on some Musiq Soulchild, them kids don't know about dem old Jamz
Ben had mad respect moe respect then u in yo hometown
It's not hard, can't let know one come f**k wit ours
Knocking toads off the road, now I'm playing bumper cars
Pushing over cowards, takin back whats ours
Beating up these Bowsers, my peach up n them towers100

Verse 2:
Dope girls be clockin
Which chains hes rockin
Hot for the Knockin
I want some bomb head but they always choose him instead

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