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Solar Scream - Onward Lyrics

Are we tearing down the walls
To the founding stones
To clear this place forevermore
Of all that’s been before

Are we reaching for the stars
With a feeble heart
As the principles that we adore
Tend to fall apart

Don’t you brand me a coward
For I don’t deserve it
I don’t feel your excitement
So I seldom speak
With my hands on the Bible
I swear to follow you
A spark is all I need

Like sheep among wolves
Led astray and lost
By guiding hands so manifold
In our endless search for truth

Crossing just another line
Who could tell this time
Will I rise defiled or glorified
Still I decide to stay tonight

Sold my soul for a fortune
Just dimes and quarters
Chasing enlightenment
But left rather burnt
If it’s my chance to break away from
This constant failure
I’ll head onward in my own world

If you dare to seek you’ll find
What sleepers never find out
About the fears we’re all bound by
And pleasures we were lied about

Fed up with your cruelties
In the name of the Only One
From the past we are released
And this time we will run
This time we will run

Solar Scream lyrics