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Smokie Norful - Nothing Without You Lyrics

I have no sun, no moon, no stars, no clouds, no day or night. Nothing is right if I don't have you.
I have no hills, no mountains, no valleys or plains, no plateaus; nothing goes if I don't have you.

There is no reason, any season of the year
to live without the one I love and cherish so dear.
And no amount of any thing can replace the joy you bring. I have nothing if I don't have you
There is no joy, no peace, no love for me, no one to care unconditionally if I don't have you.
There is no west, no east, no understanding, no peace, no one that makes my very heart beat if I don't have you. If I don't have you

I have no life no death, no air to breathe, not a single thing to be if I don't have you.

Oh, you gave me everything I'd ever need.
You are the true definement of my destiny.
Ever since you've been a part of my life, yeah, oh, my whole world has changed. Oh you see, there's nothing lundone, there are no battles that are unwon, no burdens that we cannot overcome.
You are the beginning, you will surely be the last. Lord, my whole world starts and ends with you.
You are the alpha, You are the Omega.
There is nothing, there is nothing that can take your place.
Oh when I think about all you've done for me, how you came and made my life complete.
If it had not been for the Lord on my side, oh, without you, Lord, I surely would have died.
(I'd have nothing) nothing, I'm nothing if I don't have you.

Smokie Norful lyrics

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