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Slim Thug - U Mad (it Ain't Easy Interlude) Lyrics

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Thugger. Boss life. Huh. GMB

Bitch I'm back, it's thugger motherfucker, know your home is stacked
Had to sit back, live my life, see my kids
But they know daddy do it big every time he doing it

Since nine eight, I've been straight
Started shining out the gate, reppin that off on tape
Spankin four skank back then
That's when that chocolate town was crackin, niggas reppin they hood

Fours turning, drow burning, and if you would wood ain't turning, your shit wasn't shit
I'm comin down, candy blue bumper kit grill, top dropping
Thought I was on top of the world but I ain't stopping

Time to start copping foreigns, rap lauren, through the Texas I was callin
Money growing, purple drink always pouring
Diamonds lookin like it's snowing, bitch I'm glowing
My pockets getting fatter, my bitches getting badder
My diamonds getting bigger so my haters getting madder
Started pulling out them drops back to back
Still tipping, dropping was no stopping after that

Now I'm already platinum, escape boy b
All around the world seeing shit I thought I'd never see
Now I'm suicide doors on them hoes
All them foreigns on Perrellis, all the slabs on fours
Was thinking it was oh-four, might have been oh-six
I'm in my million dollar crib with my R&B chick
Like life can't get better than this, but I told y'all at my house so I still ain't quit

No time for waiting on them pages, back to making independent paper
Had the tell and the scope, see ya later
I'm the boss of all bosses, making my city proud
And everywhere I go they playing my music loud
VHO hoe, my whole team on
Dropped Out, Running Thug, that's my two biggest songs

Now we're pulling nine clean, riding with no ceiling
Serving and collecting, banker count, all millions
It's an incredible feeling
Independent but I'm making a killing
No more moving slow, back door with thug show
We gon get you so high

This for the hoes so I can have a few more show up to my shows
Tryin to take her for a ride in the Rolls, or that drop Bent
or that drop Ferrari, or that cocaine Hussain
Don't get me started

You niggas don't know where I started
When I was broke I said if I ever get paid I'ma go retarded
Outsmarted all the lames in the game who was in it for the fame
I was in it for the change
Remain thugger, local rapper shining
Your favorite rapper wrists ain't this shiny
Your favorite rapper bitch ain't this bad
I'm sipping, they set my path
Fifteen years later still getting paper
You mad, you mad, you mad

It ain't easy man
It may look glamor might kill ya cause you see me ride, ya dig
Snake skin down to the floor, ya dig
Pattern shoes to match. Diamonds on fingers and watches on em. I'm killin it
It might look easy baby but you gon have to work for it to get to this status, baby
See you at the top

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