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Skreamer - Opiate Lyrics

Falling further down my
Inhibitions fade, away,
Fade apart. Trapped inside
Myself my mind begins to
Haze, leaves be broken,
Leaves me breathless.
You watch me die.


Hear her scream
No one to catch her this time
Real or dream
How many horrors you'll find
So obscene
Appears grotesque in it's manner
In between
Life and death
Down she falls
There is no truth in their eyes
These four walls
Muffle all of your cries
Can't wake up harbour no sanctuary
Mind unstuck
In this hole

Down the rabbit hole won't
You come play?
Once you've seen our odds
You can't just turn away.
Down the Rabbit hole just
Have a bite.
We've got the product that'll
Fix you for the night.

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