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Sissy Nobby - Consequences Lyrics

verse 1

my heart for him my love for him im not worrying bout the rest of dem

you hoes wish you can have em like i have em everytime i turn my back you hoes

try to grab em.try to give him offers dat you think he won't refuse and everytime he turns you

down you hoes have the blues. hating on the the next girl trying to spilt tea

when you really don't know a fucking thing about me. keep yo mouth and eyes off my fucking

trade you wonder who buying his clothes and hows he getting pay. you hoes is pathetic

you sluts need to let it go. give it up give it up. he don't want you hoes. what we got is

ever lasting so fantastic and when i getting dat good joog it soo outstanding

just stop wit yo bull shit find another dick my nigga luvs me and dats who im sticking wit..

verse 2

you hoes is so jealous good for nothing trying to throw a cross wit my boy yall so vicous

every where me and my boi go yall stalking and lurking

yall plays on my fone but bitch it's nothing. i will fight for him go to war wit you bitches

dis a NIGGA i love now run n tell dat bitches call yo back hoes bitch i don't care keep playing wit my

nigga and i gon go to jail ima take you there cause you're taking me fast but then again aint nobody

worry bout yo nigga know who he loves my nigga know what he got like missy elliot say yeaaa

dats soo evil and steam up like a teapot cause you can't have baby what i got. im the first lady

im the his one and only hoe who he is no body cares nobody knows..

Sissy Nobby lyrics