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Shy Glizzy - Party Heart Lyrics

Glizzy Gang!
Bang Bang!
Shout out too my nigga Trel
Big Dog trel, what it do my nigga
MIGG (Maybach Music)

The music gets into my party heart
Now I'm just ready to go
Right before the party starts
Girl, I'm not gonna break your party heart
Girl, I'm just letting you know
Right before the party starts
I hope you ready to go

I'm just looking for a bad bitch
That let me trap, and don't ask for shit
I think I found one she the shit
She just want shoes and the latest fits
She cool as long as I lay the dick
We getting cake baby make a wish
I gotta feeling Ima be rich
It ain't no feeling like your first brick
Who is this youngin nobody introduced
But everybody trynna get into
My bitches looking like they from Peru
My niggas acting like they from the zoo
I rap the same way I shoot
I'm proud to say I am the youth
Glizzy Gang will be the troops
Them the only niggas that I salute


Me and Quay we from the same block
We used to running from the same cops
Me and baby got the same rocks
We used to whipping out the same pots
Me and Indo got the same trap
All out comers do the same knock
I built a movement around Glocks
Now we about to move to the top
I'm the Drummy Len to BOA
And all these bitches trynna count cake
It's DC or nothing lady
We gonna do it the Tommy Lewis way
See, I'm from a city full of hate
Where niggas will have you catch a case
He gone and you put away
All because he wish he was in your place


Shy Glizzy lyrics