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Shiny & Albert Posis - Valentine Lyrics

February of 14 I was lonely on this day
Guess Cupid never got my letter so yet I still pray
Each and everyday of my life hoping that she would stay
But on this day I found out she went on her separate way
Things I thought were wrong I found out it was true
I messed up again thinking that it was just me and you
Alone on this date and it was just like last year
Same time, same rhyme, and baby you aint here!
Dear cupid where ever you may be,
Please point your bow and arrow shoot one me I need to fall in love again,
Someone that would not pretend,
Someone more than just a friend Cupid, break me free! (Yeah)
Time is running out I need one to be mine
Cause 14th of February I'm gon need a valentine
Apart from that I'm gone need someone to sign
Sign my heart with love cause I'm running out of rhyme

Albert posis
And even if, the sun refused to shine.
And Even if romance ran out of rhyme.
You would still have my heart until
The end of time.
You're all I need, my love, my

Albert posis

Cupid, please, would you just hear me now? (Yeah)
I just need this girl back in my life
Cause it just don't feel right
Without her presence by my side
And I can't, live without
Her in my life.

Mark mejia
Cause I know that
She's the one
And even though
It's said and done,
She's the
Girl I'll still pursue,
And I
Know this much is true!
So Cupid, I pray. Please bring her back on this day.
And this time, try to make her staaaayy y!


Please! Listen!
Just one time, I still need my one and only baby
And lately I've been messed thinking bout this lady
Cupid bein shady!
I've been goin crazy!
Listen, it's my vision to complete this mission
In transition, baby make me part of your decision
And I'll promise everything that youve envisioned
You plus me, no lie, no division
I still pursue you til this day baby with great
Just please! Cupid,
Shoot her a thousand arrows
Struck her with all your might with each and every arrow
Make her realize, please open up her eyes
From all these stupid lies, from all these stupid guys
I hope she sees the truth and I hope she does believe
That through all of these songs I made
That She still the one I need
Too bad, it's too late, this message never got in time
14 of February she aint even my
Valentine damn

And Even if, the sun refused to shine.
Even romance without a rhyme.
You still have my heart till the end of time.
Your all I need my love my valentinetine

Shiny & Albert Posis lyrics