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Shadow Government - Since I've Been Gone Lyrics

[Intro: G-Roc]
Aiyo, this is real life right here
Thirteen years, Grammy nominated
Still underestimated, it's been hard but we made it
Shadow Government, Fantom of the Beats

Roll craps raw, sue parole board, stroll the yard with a sword
You wage war, I could walk out of Two 4
Specman, wreck jams, what the blood clot?
Catch you while you shitting on the shitter with ya drawers dropped
Gag him up, hit him the heart, make it stop
Watch his body drop down to the floor, he'll do the body rock
Plot me not, C.O.'s need, too dumb to lock up
Not doing no time in the bing, lock me out
A lot of MC's cling to the big thing
They ain't wanna speak on the pain in this thing
No name in this swing, a knuckle game, fame in the ring
You straight birds, I'm clipping ya wings
Y'all been doing it wrong
Up north, y'all be sporting a thong
Specman, heavy in the cell with the crow on the map
And I'm out with a gat sheet rap, creep, he's gone

[Interlude: Fes Taylor]
Yo, who that? That Specs?
Yo, what's good, baby?
How you? Welcome home!
Yo, I ain't see you in a minute, man
It's been a long time, things done changed
It's crazy out here

[Fes Taylor]
I've been gone for a while, I'm back now, we all gon' smile
Too many frowns on my homey's faces
Phony stare that face us, so they snitch, jam us up with cases
Try to replace us, we like permanent markers, you can't erase us
Wanna see us wearing stripes like the Indiana Pacers
Never ran, how could you chase us?
My team is the definition of victory, guess you could taste us
I play rough, hard ball thugs leaving black balls
In house, snuck through the back door, I'm here to clap y'all
Remember Fes from "Shaolin Stomp", on the b-side
Now I'm in the streets live, 'bout to cop a C-5, wool over these sheeps eyes
When the wolves come through, leave ya body all messy like cheese fries
It's been a minute since you hear it this raw
You want more? Howl at the wolves, Two 4 War

[Interlude: Mr. Prezident]
Yo, Taylor, yo, I just got the word, Blacko just hit me, man
Yo, they just hit the gate, yo, the wolves is going crazy
Need to hit L.I., right now, baby
Word, the wolves, they ready to eat somebody's food, man
You gotta go tame them dudes, tell 'em we got more at stake, man
This is big business, man, Shaolin's back!

[Mr. Prezident]
Since I've been gone the game's changed
A lot of snitching, no loyalty, man, these dudes got the game lame
Trying to maintain, peep this line
You get caught doing the crime, homey, do the time
Whether, two or nine, yo, ya lips don't flap
Cuz not even ya baby's mother could respect a rat
Would you rat ba' bro'? Then expect them gats
Expect them hitmen to come and lay ya flat
Me, I get locked, I'm not saying jack
Once you labelled a snitch, ya can't take it back
I'm like Bleek, all I got is my ball and my word
You hear this pain in my darts, right? All in my words
All of y'all that ever snitched, all of y'all birds
All of y'all dead ducks with ya brains on the curb
You know the code of the streets, don't speak a thing
Cuz real riot starters don't leak a thing

[Outro: Specman]
Aiyo, Prezzy, man, you gotta make a decision right now
People think we should pull out
They got coppers and choppers, they're watching us, man, somebody's talking
They snapping pictures, you gotta see the lenses on these cameras
They like three blocks away, they think we don't see 'em though
Our people's in the shadows, what you wan' do?

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