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Shadow Government - I Still Love You Lyrics

Below you can find the popular I Still Love You lyrics performed by Shadow Government. We have tried to make the I Still Love You song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Fes Taylor]
Aiyo, haters wan' pull tools on me, take jewels off me
Streets' crazy, even members of my crew cross me
I write best when I'm stressed, so I guess
I should thank y'all, that's why I won't rest 'til my death
I'm 'bout to get rich, my manager, a millionaire
So it's like, I'm already there, get closer to it every year
Hip hop, I never gave up on you, I put bucks on you
Love, plus I lust for you, so I bust for you
I spit rhymes, I've did crimes, been on the grind
Chained like it's winter time, now the kid is shy
I'm Fes Taylor, it's Profes, but I'm still The Great L.G.
Feel like I'm on my eighth L.P.
I put in work, Hot 97, kick a verse
Blow up, bean, sip some liquor first, trying to quench my thirst
My girl left me, my man snaked me, the world test me
But they still won't break me if the pigs should arrest me

[Chorus 2X: Fes Taylor]
When I needed you, forever was there
Even was times when I dropped down to one knee, shedding a tear
I still love you, make me feel better, you care
I still love you, yeah, 'til the day that heaven appears

[Mr. Prezident]
We done been through the pranks, son, and did it together
Took whatever for the cheddar just to live life better
I remember when you took me and I ain't had shit
Gave me the keys to ya whip, watched my back while I pitched
If it, wasn't for you, I might not be here
Sometimes life throws us curves and it don't seem fair
Like when the feds rushed us, asked questions, then cuffed us
Thinking the whole time that somebody done fucked us
Like rats in a trap, scrapped, took the bait
But you told 'em, suck ya dick and you took the weight
For that, I got ya back, and I'm on my grind
As for ya wifey and ya kids, I hold 'em down like they're mine
Word, to everything I love, if you need it, I got it
And when ya, hit the bricks, we gon' get shit popping
Yo, the sun always shines, keep ya head to the sky
And don't worry 'bout nothing, cuz I...

[Chorus 2X]

Razor punks, flip like blunts, pound on cunts
Snuff da-dunt-a-dunts, how foul our life was
It's twisted and rough, been through enough
Even sat on the bus, cuffs, upstate, couldn't break hell weight
Hell's gate, heavy weight, we shift the whole state
Ate the whole plate, we great, took the cake
While others look and hate, cuz we sitting on top
But we ain't gon' stop like the spinners on my new drop
Banging like a spoon in the sink, in the box
Either hanging on the block, or them parties in The Bronx
You and me, The UMC's, the Blue Cheese
To Four g's, to Force MD's, to torch the seas
Our CD's reach, new speech, they see me in streets
On Beverly or Hemmity Streets, so they remember me
Whatever we need, no trouble, we weather the struggle
Powerfully humble, ready to rumble, we come from the jungle

[Chorus 2X]

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