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Sega Sound Studio - Sonic Boom Sonic Cd Theme Lyrics

If you're strong you can fly
You can reach the other side
Of the rainbow
It's alright, take a chance
'Cause there is no circumstance
That you can't handle
(When you use your mind)

Mr. Bad's got it good
But this ain't his neighborhhod
He's takin' over... No, no
Time is now, he can't hide
Find the power deep inside
And make it happen

(repeat chorus on *)
Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom
Trouple keeps you runnin' faster
Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom
Save the planet from disaster
Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom
Spinnig through a world in motion
Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom
Take it all the way

Make your move, break it out
That's what life is all about
It's your adventure
From the dark to the light
On a supersonic flight
Gott a keep it going


Sega Sound Studio lyrics