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Saidian - The Jester Lyrics

Silence drowns the laughter
And the last joke dies away
A pain-contorted smile
Is just a grimace in my face
Oh - no one will realize
Oh - the fear behind these eyes

Dance around cutting capers and jokes
Play the fool for another day
From the first time when their laughter arose
I was a victim on a royal stage

Life's paradox I smile when I cry
Out of vogue they'll kill me goodbye
Behind a mask I'm hiding my sorrow
Will I cheer, or die tomorrow

I struggle to juggle
All my pain I receive from you
Just a bit of approval - 'cause a jester's not only a fool

And the jester's crying - a lake of tears
Sorrow's washing delight away
And the jester's trying - to hide his fears
Behind the fake of a smile (It's just a pathetic try)

And if my antics starting to pall
There will be no chance at all
Their last amusement is to end my life
I shall welcome the hangman's knife
No one knows quite what it seems
Laughter turns to desperate screams

And the jester, and the jester, and the jester's trying
And the jester, and the jester, can't stop his crying

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