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Rza - U Used 2 Be Lyrics

Ayo, from the Temples of Tibet, to the pyramids of Kimet
The genelect intellect, it connects every root of civilization
We symbolize nations and pitimize the creation
Designed to wire station, peep the wise architecht
What's up son, I told ya'll, Protect Ya Neck
That was back in Born Three, born understanding, and my shit is expanding
Aiyo worldwide exclusive
We got the Zig-Zag-Zig-Allah, puzzled like a jigsaw
My man J-Love, comin' down from the heavens above
About to splash ya muthafuckas with a phat ass mixtape
You can't escape, it's like a date rape
I might bust that grape, with the apple head, if your legs get spread
If your ears open to the size of a cymbal
Yo, check it out, I got buckwild rhymin' style
Most niggas that cannot resamble
But you use to be, a bad muthafucka, but can't fuck with me
And you, you used to be, a dope M.C.
And you, used to be, a pretty ass bitch
And you, used to be a live ass player
And you, used to be, on some ol' buckwild shit
But you fell victim to the devil, to the C-Cypher Punks and all that shit
And you just walking around with your muthafuckin' head in cloud nine and shit
It's the Birth of a Prince! Aim for the nigga born like me, ever since
Two thousand B.C., be happy when ya'll see me
I'm the G to the O, to the O, to the digga-digga-digga D
Phat ass...

Rza lyrics