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Rubbabandz - U A Trick Lyrics

Why niggas hating on me?
All up in the club, your bitch on me
She up in my face, trying to buy me a drink
And I don't even want her, cuz the bitch breath stink
She's talking to my wrist, and she didn't even blink
Staring at my bracelet, damn near about to faint
Your man better stay put before he get shanked
I ain't care about jail, I get locked, I bail
Ya'll little niggas too frail
I'm a heavyweight, one hit'll put it to ya grill
I'm just trying to party, and have a good time
So get your own space, get the fuck up out of mines
Pissy drunk, spilling your drink, you ain't a baller
Fronting with ya fake ass mink, that's flea infested
German shepherd, that ain't white gold, that's a silvery necklace
Those ain't diamonds, nigga, you ain't rock
This ain't Juice, and you damn sure ain't Pac
So you better fall back, you ain't Makaveli coming back
Stick a fork in his ass, he's done, it's a wrap

[Chorus: Rubbabandz]
You get shorty hair done, and that ain't your bitch?
Yeah, nigga, you a trick
She with the next nigga, hair tight, then a muthafucka
Yeah, nigga, you a trick
You paying rent, and you ain't got keys to the crib
Yeah, nigga, you a trick
She in the club buying niggas drinks, with your chips
Yeah, nigga, you a trick

Stop handcuffing your hoe, and let her go
She only with your ugly black ass for the dough
Bandz used to beat 'em dead broke
Cuz the kid got game, just imagine when I blow
Ya'll niggas lames on the low
Got a trick it just to hit it, how you in love with it?
We up in the Motel 6
We went dutch on a room, cuz I ain't no trick
I don't know who she fuck with, who she lay with
So I strap up, cuz that ain't my bitch
Even if she was my bitch, I still don't know
Any female'll turn hoe for the dough
A nigga pull up, in that 600 Benz
Guaranteed your bitch going with him


Rubbabandz lyrics