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Roxanne - Fall Down Lyrics

why don't you like____ me.
why don't you see_____ me.
why don't you love____ me.
ohh oh why, just break,break down and cry___.
there's nothin worth you baby. just fall
down the hill, ohh wow, you better tumble after, just fall down the hill, fall down the hill. oh. wow. :ll
pherse 2
I see you everyday,why don't you notice me. standing by the lockers. you just walk by. Don't even say hello. I can't understand why you just don't care by intellection i can see your reflection in the mirror in my locker. oh wowowow. i feel like i should, i feel like i should fall down. fall down. you never will notice, if i am feeling down you will never ever,come up below the ground, and cheer me up.cheer me up.:ll
i stand there, eating my lunch,
banana and a crunch,
i just think about you.
how you stand there
not noticeing the people around you,
so i am bout to scream, wake up,
get out my site if don't want to
see me, you mine es well not come
to school, so jump up and down, i don't
care anymore.:ll

Roxanne lyrics