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Rossomahaar - Imperium Tenebrarum Lyrics

Hollow voices surround the space around the cromlech
In evil tongues they speak, grim are their aims
The storm rages near, ruthless in it's anger
The prophecy once spoken now should be fulfilled...

The altar of invocation awaits it's victim
Whispering once forgotten prayers, forbidden and concealed
Abyssic spirits haunt the hellish winds among the solitary virtue
The last chronicle is finally revealed...

Through vast enchanting woods I stray in pride
Lamentation of pure bestiality,
Emptiness, my beloved and scarlet bride
Bleeding, starving - among symbolic immortality...

Child of sunset, descendant of lunar tribes
Darkness was upon the mystic birth of my funeral
Cold and senseless grave became my shining bed
As I began my quest towards twilight, the ever-first and primeval...

Anxious visions, danse macabre of universal mind
Woe to you, dwellers of this once so peaceful planet!
The blackened shadows grow longer and longer, night by night,
As the ensemble of pre-apocalyptic silence...

Time has stopped and the sunlight ceased
Awakened is the lord with horns, mighty messenger of darkness
For the Dark Reign comes forth the Tellus...
Descending through the space, riding the icewinds
Grotesque demon army, enormous in it's number
Has come to conquer and enslave,
To burn the sinistrous wastelands out of earth
And await the fall of their gods...

Rossomahaar lyrics