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Rooney - Don't Come Around Again Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Don't Come Around Again lyrics performed by Rooney. We have tried to make the Don't Come Around Again song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

You say it's hard to read me
I make it hard for you
I'm not that easy
It's a strength you can't undo
Your mind ain't playing tricks
And neither am I
Well, this ain't more than kicks
I like your kind

Ooooo, you're asking for trouble
Don't come around again

I live alone and I got no more room
And I won't get my peace til I'm in my tomb
I'm warnin' you
Warnin' you to stay away
Cause you'll be hurtin'
Hurtin' the next day

I don't need another enemy
And you don't need a painful memory

I'm a bad man when it comes to girls like you
Yeah, I'm a bad man
and there's nothin' you can do

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