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Rollerblue - Leaving Town Lyrics

I heard you may be leaving town
Why did that not surprise me
Flying away to who knows where
Leaving all your lies here

You sent me a postcard, made of your memories
As long as youre moving, you dont have to explain
One less road to travel along, and one more prize for you

Was it something I said, that I missed, now youve gone away
Did I not see the signs, was it something I didnt say
One reason to leave, one thing that Ill never know
No reason to stay, no more you and yesterday

Youd talked of places you hadnt seen
As though they missed your presence
Waiting to share all that you knew
Adding to your experience

Im sure youve got lots of things, to keep you amused
I bet you had it all planned out, yeh its all about you

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