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Rocko - Miss My Niggas Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
[Goon, knucklehead]
Even though you left me
I still keep you near
(still keep you near)
RIP my nigga Jeff
I wish you was here
(I wish you was here)
This for my boy Migo, Finna
That was my brother (that was my brother)
One thing for sure you had to love him
If you know him
RIP to Andre soar (that was my cousin)
Never let my people down
This little Mario watch the street
Over in people town
Can’t forget gangsta
My Lil Rem from New Orleans
That’s my lil Walden
Don’t let that hold me
But right here man I’m rolling
I remember Goldie
Scooby up in the Jag
WIth that brand new Roley
That’s how that nigga get cash
Made so much cream
We moo, we milked them
Then the teen didn’t came home
And they killed him

[Chorus:] [x2]
I miss my niggas, I miss my niggas, I miss my niggas [x3]

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