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Roc Marciano - Thread Count Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Thread Count lyrics performed by Roc Marciano. We have tried to make the Thread Count song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

In seclusion I pin up piff
In the land cruiser
Tan like I been to cuba
Keys is white like sand in aruba
Exude confidence
From my view of the metropolis
I fed flakes to my tropical fish
Pull the top off the six
Like Badu wig
I’m no push over
I push a Rover
You push a Puma like a foot sodier
I put dog like I push cola
And cock the pistola
Hands inside the isotoners
Spend the night with a dice roller
You pray your ice gets returned
To its rightful owner
Rifles in the trunk of the caddy
We dump you in the swamps
Somewhere down in miami
My brush stroke the canvas
You caught in a gambit
And pimp slapped open handed
I demanded
For the operation to be expanded
Be a standard
Gee our ran was enchanted
Tool belt wearing I’m a mechanic
Bad bitch swinging in the hammock
I took a dip in the Atlantic
And bit the salmon
Its slamming
Come on hit me
I sit up in the four fifty
This is raw nigga history
A slick pimp might resort to trickery
Bitches dig me
Your money fall short like a pygmy
Waves flow like the Mississippi
Guns longer than the wig on a hippy
On the hip keep the blicky
Petite wiz opposite of Missy
Depict me as super witty
My shank might remove her titty
I jumped off the heel of my achilles
This is light work to me
Turn a knife if your kidney
I pray Allah might forgive me
Now who could see me
Musically I’m with the kundalini
I easily scoop your Nefertiti
I bump the CD
In the green Lamborghini
In linen and gator
Slick tongue like a litigator
Decision maker
My inner layers
Is the himalayas
Bridget is impressed by the days
Yellow gold and terry cloth robes
The Wardrobe
That made hoes come in droves
With less clothes and the flesh exposed
In a Lexus we drove through infested roads
Pellets are thrown into flesh and bone
Your name get carved into headstones slow
Gangster cadance
My space is shaded
The heat is nickel plated
Assets is liquidated
What I’m conveying
Isn’t easily articulated
Roll solo
Like the Marcsberg photo
Earth from Acapulco
We hit that
Flat screen cinemax promo
Benz logo
Black RLX polo
Your tongues knotted up like soto
But on the low tho

Roc Marciano lyrics