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Rickie Jacobs - Cartel Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Cartel lyrics performed by Rickie Jacobs. We have tried to make the Cartel song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

My niggas got that base
My niggas got that base

Grind for fun
I say your ass do your make-up
I meant your mama
Bitch niggas get taked up
We in the Bahamas, tryin' to see these kickies do
I wanna eat with the freakin do
Gotta yellow bitch I call her Pikachu,
Playin pickaboo in my vehicle
My baby mama won't keep a cool
Chill chill take a ?? rich nigga that can't tell
That weed is the new cross smell,
When I hit to, I get lifted, you can tell the weed oh well
Roll all on my chain, my kick all and your bitch
Sleeve all in my brain, my .. nigga I use the skin on these drums
But the Henny got me feelin numb
I fuck the beat up and smoke the beat up, until I smoke inside of my lungs,
She's easy to me, sometimes I know when I spit I just wanna beef, wanna beef
And if you could be the booking bleed you leave with me
But you bet you bitch and you ain't gotta a little reason to be
That's what I call keeping the G

Smoke out I lost my mind
Now we do it all the time
Broke a window funny feeling
Never mind, never mind.

I'm back up with my shit, te back woods is that good gotta smoke all that shit
Get it from the back good if it's that good
I'ma marry that bitch,
Why you niggas call and they fall from it, going down you ain't shit, huh
Huh step in the same with a few box, that ain't make a two box,
What you think I'm new papa, to pock you, moon shot you
One in the third couple bangers, it's a real camp, who's Pablo
Bitch your ass to a bloody palm, nigga you might need a new doctor
Too much shave for too much wave, and pray nigga you too brave
But after all the recon you were free, you work for me you get paid
Yeah that's simple marry, two plus two a simple ass
Boy you ??? but the bitch fat,
Too many mouth in the new bitches and I don't gonna drive em
Uh, too many niggas on the block, so much black you would ..
Apply yourself, that's the only reason so apply your wealth
The game you .. but ain't never get the shit by yourself

Smoked out I lost my mind
Now we do it all the time
Broke a widow funny feeling
Never mind, never mind

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