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Rhyme Asylum - This Is Where Lyrics

(Hoping for something better)
(Hoping for something better)

[Verse 1: Possessed]
I'm from where we have little respect for the law
And even less for rich people that pretend to be poor
Cold blooded hold grudges settle our scores
Live low budget commit benefit fraud
No justice, I perish the thought
Fuck weapons of war, chose the pen instead of the sword
Try and relate, we're forced to acquire a taste
For food past expiry dates
(Who's deciding my fate?) Will I rise to where messiah awaits?
Or plunge into hell's fiery lakes
They fight to the death, stay bad to the bone
Turn the price on your head to a tag on your toe
Live and direct, never watered down
I'm living life on the edge 'till someone talks me down
Grew up on the wrong side of the tracks
Stuck in London's underbelly fighting for scraps

[Chorus: Possessed, Psiklone, Skirmish]
This is where we live, this is where we die
This is where we laugh, this is where we cry, (Hoping for something better)
This is where we dream, this is where work
This is where we bleed, this is where we hurt, (So let's come together)

[Verse 2: Skirmish]
A place where silent nights are nonexistent
Life of crime violent fights and constant killings
Making right and wrong decisions
If it's a free country, why do I feel trapped by the cost of living?
I'm between a nine to five and writing rhymes
You gotta take what you want or get what you're given [So true]
A loss of vision from things shining bright
Is what your blinded by [Stop] and listen
Cos everything that glitters ain't gold
And ain't no turning back coz life is like a one way road
We're seen differently through the eye of big brother
Though we all bleed red despite the skin colour
I feel like I'm fucked 'till my times up
Cos reality bites and life sucks
Blood, we're in a trap and gonna get the fuck out somehow
Ask my boy Keedo - he know

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3: Psiklone]
This is London where the devil never calls in advance
Life's a journey - I'm just walking the path
Growing up I learned some big lessons
With weapons lives come to swift ends in split seconds
Best believe, we ain't playing happy families
At times my yard's descended into savage anarchy
Most lack morality
Money ain't the root of all evil its people's selfish rationality
One love to my brothers in arms
And those struggling past on government grants
We're all exactly the same
We battle in vain like blood cells fighting off cancerous plague
Rogues roaming on road holding loaded revolvers
So I got my eyes open looking over my shoulder
Morals dissolve in the crack smoke
This is London - where blood runs colder than cash flow

[Repeat Chorus]

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