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Reisa L. Gerber - The Jewels In The Vault Lyrics

The jewels in the vault... said, 'It aint my fault'
Rubies and diamonds Stranded like pearls In the jailhouse court.
Walking nn eggshell
Closed the palace gates
For her alone.
He's such a gentle man
Hearts were always
Cha cha cha
Cha cha cha
One lady is gone
He'll find another
Eggshell beige
Hold hands with your mama-
'Took me down' and
Showed me his dreams,
Made me smile
When she copped on
Our scene-
Put the tierra on her
Said, 'no se puede caminar-'
Todas las chicas camino se ve-
Yo no voy, mi novio

Reisa L. Gerber lyrics