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Red Cafe - 10 Shots Of Deleon Lyrics

Can we do something for the ladies, Caf?

10 Shots Tequila
I don't know if we're gonna make it
But I know we gon' get faded
Ah, yes, our stone stopping amnesia
Stone stopping amnesia
Cause if you take one shot, you'll say over
But if I take two shots, then you take a few more
Crank it, I'll grind
Crank it, I'll grind
You got a nigga like don't stop, get it
Don't stop, just get it
Don't stop, get it
Don't stop, just get it
Get it all done!
When you're drinking, I'm done

We proed up, my nigga, we proed up
Shake down, we rich, started up with them slow bucks
Her face flows, ass fat, it's fascinating
She independent, that girl can't stop masturbating
Tattered up, pissing all of her province
Yes, Lord, I'm a dope boy, got a bank account in my pocket
Stunting, said, keep pushing
Fuck love, get money
Shout out to the rich girls
Fuck love, get money
Nothing move but this cash
Champagne in this glass
Back shot, she love that
My chain all over her ass
The chom shot, she takes that
On top, she takes that
She the finest in the big city
FInna chop that thing A.S.A.P.


Bust it for me, yeah, baby, bust it for me
If I'm out of town, hit a nigga up
You worldwide, grade A, excellent
Go and set your presidents
Look, shawty 'bout her paper
You can rob my waver
All I need is one night
Then round 2 on the wakeup
10 shots, to teaser, this is 10 shots,
I'mma taste ya
And I'mma slide your fader, download that data

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